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SQL AlchemyΒΆ

Database Scalability:

  • Automatically batches and minimizes the number of inserts sent to the database
  • Loads just the data you want: supports both eager loading and lazily loading of objects
  • Objects can map to any relation, not just a physical table
  • Multi-database support
  • High quality legacy database support

Template engine:

  • Supports Genshi, Mako and Jinja out of the box
  • All template engines support template functions or macros
  • All template engines have support for python expressions (no need to learn a whole new language for your templates)
  • Genshi supports match tags that allow you to easily create your own template tag libraries
  • Genshi helps to ensure valid parsible HTML output
  • Genshi supports XML output natively – not via string concatenation so output is always valid
  • Genshi supports intelegent (context aware) automatic escaping which reduces the risk of cross site scripting vulnerabilities in your app


  • High performace cache, that automatically protects you from the dogpile effect.
  • Support for multiple back-ends include dbm, file, memory, cookie, memcached, and database
  • Signed cookie’s to prevent session hijacking/spoofing
  • Cache’s can be divided into namespaces
  • You can pass in a function to automatically create new cache copies after expiration

JavaScript and Ajax: