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Project Status

Latest stable release: 2.4.3 - released March 1, 2020

Release announcement available at:

Contributing to TurboGears

All the TurboGears related projects are available on GitHub under the TurboGears account, if you want to take a look at TurboGears source code you can start there. In particular, we have several repositories for public use. The main ones are:

For continuous integration work, we use Travis.

JetBrains has been supporting the TurboGears development team with PyCharm licenses, which has been the development environment of choice for some of TurboGears contributors.

Development happens on two core branches: the development one where major changes for the upcoming scheduled release happens and master branch which will point to the current stable release. Minor bugfix releases are branched from master on demand and merge back into the master branch when the release happens.

To create your development environment you can perform:

virtualenv ${HOME}/tg2env
source ${HOME}/tg2env/bin/activate
git clone
cd tg2
git checkout development
pip install -e .[testing]