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TurboGears is a Rapid Web Application development with a slightly different focus. Sure we can scale down to solve the simple problems, and create single database backed dynamic web pages.

Make Easy Things Easy, and Complex Things Possible

And we’ll always try to be a great web framework for doing simple things, but other modern frameworks have focused very much on this market, and have not served those with more complex needs well. TurboGears 2 is designed to be a web-application framework suitable for solving complex industrial strength problems.

Data Persistance

Out of the box, TG2 has a transaction manager to help with multi-dababase deployments, SQLAlchemy provides one of the most robust object relational management systems available in any language, and we’ve seen it concur complex issues with legacy databases, sharding, master-slave replication, and multiple integration databases. Lots of projects start out small, and perhaps other ORM’s will do just fine for them, but when you grow beyond a certain point either in traffic or in complexity, you’ll sure be happy to have chosen SQLAlchemy.