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Community and Consulting

This page gathers a list of resources available to the TurboGears community, mailing lists and chats where they gather and references for companies who need training or consulting.

Community Projects and Extensions

For community made projects related to TurboGears take a look at the CogBin, to have your project listed there just put it on PyPi and provide the right keywords.

News, Mailing Lists and IRC

Most of the TurboGears related news are available on the TurboGears Google+ channel.

Questions and support requests, or plain discussion about TurboGears can be addressed on the TurboGears end user mailing list, while discussions about future development of the framework happens on the development list.

Finally, we also have a gitter channel.

As you can see, we’re on a lot of places. We hope to see you on one of them!


Lots of TurboGears developers are ready to help develop your application or train your team. Here is a list of the TurboGears core contributors that also provide consulting and use TurboGears for their everyday work:

Contact Short Bio
Chris Perkins Chris has been a core contributor of TurboGears and the release manager for 2.1 series. He is also the main author of some core packages like crank and sprox.
Alessandro Molina Founder of, Alessandro has been a core contributor for 2.2 series and for MongoDB and Python3 support. He is also author of some core packages like tgext.pluggable and tgext.debugbar.
Jonathan Schemoul Jonathan is skilled Javascript and Python developer who has been involved with the TurboGears project for many years. He is the author of the PyF flow programming frameworks which relies on TurboGears and of some TurboGears extensions like tgext.pages.